The two new bellsWe have a peal of 8 bells following a major refubishment project and the addition of two new bells during 2014.

The bells were re-dedicated by the Bishop of Lynn, and are rung before services, for weddings (on request and the payment of the approprate fee) and for important civic and other occasions.

The oldest of the bells (No. 7) dates from about 1499.  The treble and No. 2 are the two new bells, cast at Whitechapel in 2014.  The rest of the bells date from 1873 and the inscription indcates that they were given by Thomas Fowell Buxton in memory of his mother, Hannah Buxton. (Hannah Buxton, née Gurney, was Elizabeth Fry's sister.) There's a longer article, elsewhere on the site, with further details about the Bells Project.

The ringers meet to practice on a Thursday evening. Contact us for further details.